Workshop Series

Thinking About Islam: Modernity, Ideas, Institutions

Thinking About Islam: Modernity, Ideas, Institutions

IHC-310w | Faculty: Dr. Ermin Sinanović

How did the Muslims encounter colonization and modernity? What new ideas and institutions emerged during this encounter? Who were the significant scholars whose thoughts and ideas influenced the Muslims in the last 150 years?

In this weekend workshop, we’ll be exploring key questions and themes such as:

  • Historical context of Western modernity, colonization, and their impact on Muslims.
  • Questions of decline, renewal and reform (tajdid and islah)
  • Emergence of new theories in tafsir, fiqh; Muslim modernism, and Qur'an-centric views.
  • 20th-century revival and Influence of liberalism on contemporary Muslims.
Nov. 18-19, 2023 Sat. – Sun. 10am – 4pm 12 Hours Dr. Ermin Sinanović

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