Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs and Support Services, overseen by the Student Affairs and Admissions Manager, aims to promote and enhance BIS’s mission by creating a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for students to test new ideas, develop leadership skills, engage in the learning process, and build themselves and their communities. 

Student Life

All students are encouraged to develop their unique personal and academic potential by participating in a wide variety of Seminary-sponsored student activities, programs, and events that combine culture, learning, entertainment, and fun. Get involved and bring your learning to life with campus activities and events.

Through co-curricular opportunities and experiences such as student cross-cultural education, civic engagement and leadership development, students gain invaluable skills and experiential knowledge that they will continue to develop during their time on campus and beyond as future leaders.

Academic Advising

Each student will be assigned to a BIS faculty member who will be their academic advisor. The role of the academic advisor is as follows:

  • Help students to attain their academic, research, internship and career goals.
  • Assist students in making informed choices about their study plans.
  • Help students identify available sources, opportunities and possible career opportunities.

Although academic advisers assist students in making effective academic choices, students are personally responsible for planning their academic program to meet all graduation requirements.

Career Services

BIS students are offered career services, including individualized career counseling, training, and professional development to help prepare students to engage and compete for the best career opportunities.

It specializes in providing BIS students with student employment during their study at BIS. Additionally, the Office circulates information about job fairs and assists students with internships and job opportunities.

Learning Support

Learning support services provided by MIRL faculty and the Student Affairs and Admissions Manager include individual support and workshops to aid in the development of efficient learning strategies and writing skills.

The BIS Islamic Foundations Certificate Program is another resource for students who require remedial instruction. The Foundations Program Lead oversees the administration of the Foundations program in all of its academic and administrative capacities and is responsible for overseeing the progress of students in the program.

Functional Needs

BIS is committed to providing all academically qualified students with educational opportunities. Every effort is utilized to ensure fair and appropriate access to programs, services, and facilities for students with disabilities or functional needs. The BIS provides services and support that are tailored to the needs of individual students based on their need conditions.

The Student Experience

In addition to serving as the hub for information regarding BIS and community resources, the Office of Student Affairs and Support Services also hosts social activities and community events. Regular prayer circles, workshops, group meetings, and spiritual retreats will be available for students.