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To prepare exemplary and professional American Muslim religious leaders arises from our belief that Islam is relevant for all times and all places, but that the needs of people and the best application of Islamic principles vary by context. 

“For too long, many Muslim academics, imams, religious and community leaders have felt a dire need for proper training and for enhancing the crucial role of imams, Islamic school teachers, and administrators. The ambitious goals of the Boston Islamic Seminary are very promising in fulfilling these needs of the Muslim community in North America. Its long-term vision, strategic orientation, flexibility,  and vision of combining academic rigor with practical application make this project truly unique. I urge donors to generously support this noble, beneficial, and promising institute.”

Dr. Jamal BadawiProfessor, St. Mary’s University

“The Boston Islamic Seminary is a project whose time has truly come. We can no longer afford to entrust the leadership of our community to untrained individuals who, while intending good, oftentimes engage in counter-productive speech or actions that work to retard our progress. Building a competent, graduate-level Muslim seminary is a positive development that promises to catalyze the emergence of the intellectual and spiritual leaders demanded by a maturing community situated in the most influential country on Earth.”

Imam Zaid ShakirCo-Founder, Zaytuna College

“The American Muslim community is growing and it certainly needs locally based Islamic institutions. We need institutions that can prepare scholars, imams, chaplains, teachers, and leaders who are well-versed in traditional Islamic knowledge and modern thought. I am very pleased to support the plans of the [Boston Islamic Seminary] in the Boston area. This area already prides itself on its world-class universities.“

Dr. Muzammil H. SiddiqiChairman, The Fiqh Council of North America

“If the American Muslim community does not build institutions like the Boston Islamic Seminary, it will be unable to chart its path into the future. If we don’t create institutions that produce leaders of integrity and knowledge, leaders will be chosen for us. The Boston Islamic Seminary promises to be a source of knowledge and guidance, helping to make ‘ilm indigenous in America, God willing.”

Prof. Jonathan A.C. BrownGeorgetown University, D.C.

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According to a NPR survey, there are more than 2,100 mosques in the United States but they have a challenge – there aren’t enough imams or spiritual leaders, especially those who realize the challenges of a Muslim American today, to go around. BIS was established to address the gap in qualified American Muslim religious leaders. BIS is also the first Islamic Seminary in the U.S. to receive the authority to award the Masters of Islamic Religious Leadersrhip (MIRL) degree.