Islamic Religious Leadership

The Master’s program prepares leaders to serve confidently as religious leaders, counselors, arbitrators, chaplains, youth leaders, outreach specialists, & more!

Foundational 12-Week Courses

These courses provide a solid grounding for all students of all backgrounds to gain a firm foundation for further study with an emphasis on personal reflection, spirituality, and practicality.

The Iqra Fellowship program seeks to empower students and young professionals with the traditional, philosophical, and spiritual foundations needed to navigate modern challenges.

Masters Program (MIRL)

Fall 2024 applications are due July 30th!

The Master of Islamic Religious Leadership (MIRL) program equips students with a deep understanding of Islam, the contemporary context of the modern world, and the skills necessary to serve organizations in various capacities.

Upcoming Events & Deadlines


MIRL Admissions Close

12:00 am - 11:59 pm

MIRL Graduation Ceremony

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • @MIRLStudent BIS has sacralized my leadership work through the sacred knowledge that it continues to impart on me. [Fatima Mezdad, Class of 2024] 
  • @BISStudent What I loved about this fellowship is that it incorporated lectures on various topics such as art, philosophy, science and politics. 
  • @MIRLStudent I wanted to take the next step, relying not on my random readings for my growth and those around me but confidently giving dawah. [Dr. Samer Abdel-Aziz, Class of 2025] 
  • #IqraFellow: I highly recommend the program to all interested students and young professionals.

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