Admissions 2024-25

Application Process & Deadlines

Apply to MIRL Program

The MIRL program aims to attract candidates that possess the moral character, religious integrity, academic ability and personal qualities necessary to both serve and lead the Muslim community in America. 

The Admissions Committee reads applications holistically to identify applicants who have the ability, interest and maturity to manage the rigors of the program, as well as the potential for future scholarly and professional growth and effective service. Please note:

  • Meeting minimum criteria does not guarantee admission.
  • Admission may be granted to applicants lacking in certain discrete criteria if other indicators suggest probable success in the program.
  • In cases as above, students may be granted conditional admission or be required to take BIS Islamic Foundations certificate courses.

Admissions Policy 2024-25

Please take a moment and familiarize yourself with the MIRL Admissions Policy: click here.

Application Deadlines

November 15, 2023

Admissions Open

February 15, 2024

Review Period Begins

April 15, 2024

Scholarship Consideration Deadline

Make sure to submit your application (including Scholarship Form) to be considered for scholarships.

May 4, 2024


Admissions Placement Test

Applicants will take an online placement test to assess their knowledge and skills relevant to the MIRL degree.

May 7 - June 23, 2024

Admission Interviews Conducted

Qualified applicants may be invited for an admission interview during the selection process.

July 30, 2024

Admissions Close

Submitting Application Materials

All electronic transcripts and other application materials will be submitted directly on our Application Portal or emailed to

In the event that online submission is not possible, you can send printed documents to the following address: 60 Willow Street, Chelsea, MA 02150.

Application Process


Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must show promise of their ability to pursue advanced study and research in Islamic Studies and Leadership by meeting the admissions criteria. Please click here to access the eligibility criteria.



Applications should be submitted through the online application portal. The applicant should follow the application’s form instructions to complete the application. The application fee is $50.


Materials & Documents

Applicants should submit all supporting materials online, as per the instructions. However, in circumstances where that is not feasible, printed documents will be accepted*.


Candidate Interview

Applicants may be contacted by the Admissions Committee for a remote interview during the initial phase of review.  


Evaluation of Qualifications

Written and oral evaluations may be administered to assess Islamic knowledge, Quran memorization and Arabic proficiency.



After a holistic review of all the submitted materials, interviews, and evaluations, the MIRL Office of Admission will inform the applicant of their decision. This would normally be within two weeks after the interview.


The program imparts knowledge and skills in all subjects with an eye to practical applicability and on-the-ground implementation.

Travel Seminars

Travel seminars will help students establish relationships and networks with others that will support their work as leaders in the future.


MIRL graduates will be well-positioned to bring an Islamic framework to all sorts of career paths and disciplines.


MIRL students participate in extracurricular activities designed to support their personal, professional, and spiritual development.