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The Boston Islamic Seminary (BIS) offers multiple forums to make sound knowledge available to aspiring or established experts and practitioners, with the aim of improving Muslim religious leadership in America. In these forums, BIS gathers scholars, practitioners, and graduate students in workshops, symposia, and academic conference settings, allowing for experts from within and outside the institution to present and engage in discussions of their research.

The Boston Islamic Seminary also provides a forum for clinically-based papers in our peer-reviewed academic journal. Through mentoring and training opportunities, students will partner with faculty to present and publish co-authored papers. Topics will include discussions of best practices, theoretical advances and applications, as well as addressing challenges that our communities may face, whether theological, social, legal, or otherwise.

Muslim chaplaincy and religious leadership combines the wisdom inherited from the Islamic tradition with that obtained from relevant techniques and advances in Western counseling and chaplaincy. The Boston Islamic Seminary perceives its research symposia and publications as an opportunity to contribute its unique insights, experiences, and successes to the broader interfaith community of practitioners and peer institutions.


The following two articles are part of a series of weekly communications by Dr. Basyouny Nehela aimed at providing practical and spiritual guidance through the current healthcare crisis (Covid-19).



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