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Book Talks Series

Book Talk Series: A Literary Deep Dive

The Book Talk Series bridges the gap between readers and authors, bringing them face-to-face in an intimate setting with our students and other attendees. The esteemed academics dive deep into their research and unravel the intricate layers of their studies, explain their methodologies, and summarize key findings. It is an enlightening discourse bringing scholarly research to a broader audience.


Dr. Asif Hirani

Time: Sat. Sep. 16, 11:30AM-12:30PM ET
Book: Principles of Men-Women Interaction in Islam
Registration: Event Ended


Dr. Marwa Assar

Time: Sat. Oct. 28, 2 PM-3 PM ET
Book: The Compass Home The Heart Over Mind & Ego (H.O.M.E.) Method
Registration: Rescheduled | TBD


Dr. Ovamir Anjum

Time: Sat. Nov. 4, 2 PM-3 PM ET
Book: Ranks of the Divine Seekers
Registration: Rescheduled | TBD


Dr. Faruq Post

Time: Sat. Dec. 23, 2 PM-3 PM ET
Book: Guidance for All of Humanity
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Please note: The Book Talks represent the views of the author(s), not necessarily the position of the BIS.

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