Ust. Shareef Muhammad

Adjunct Instructor
60 Willow Street Chelsea, MA 02150


  • M.A. History, Kent State University
  • B.A. History, Central State University

Ustadh Shareef Muhammad (Frank Beane)

Adjunct Instructor


Frank Beane (Ustadh Shareef Muhammad) has taught U.S. and World history, as well as African-American and religious studies, for over ten years at Georgia State University, Spelman University, and other colleges. Shareef holds a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in History from Central State University and a Master’s in History from Kent State University. He is part of the Black Dawah Network’s think-tank, providing high-quality research articulating Islam’s relevancy to Black people. He believes that Islam is a force for change and spiritual transformation.

He has an excellent knowledge of and understanding of people, events, and contexts from a range of historical periods. He possesses the ability to think, reflect, debate, discuss, and evaluate the past. As a professor, he has supported students in achieving their academic goals while helping them understand the nuances of historical writing.

He is a lecturer who serves as an ICNA Da`wah Academy instructor and has also published three books exploring issues related to political and social theory.