Interfaith and Intra-Faith Engagement

Course Code Year Term Course Group Credits
IRL-724 3 Spring Skill Building 4


This course teaches students the foundations and significance of interfaith dialogue in American society. Students will learn effective methods of interfaith engagement as well as examine specific case studies that highlight how to connect on common issues and deal with differences. The course also touches on how a Muslim leader can effectively engage with other movements, schools and sects within Islam, as well as strategies for reaching out to Muslims of different ethnic and racial backgrounds in order to build a cohesive, integrated Muslim community that remains faithful to core Islamic principles and values. Students will leave this course appreciating the importance of interfaith and intrafaith work and equipped with the skills needed to initiate positive engagement that builds mutual understanding and respect.



“My experience with BIS has been transformative. I have had direct access to scholars and their knowledge, alhamdulillah in a way I have never experienced before. We’ve deeply explored the Muslim experience academically, challenging many of my previously held beliefs and narratives. I am forever grateful to BIS, the scholars and the organizers for this experience”.

Nuha Muntasser, Student