Dr. Suheil Laher

Lead Faculty & Assistant Professor
60 Willow Street Chelsea, MA 02150


  • Ph.D., Islamic Studies, Harvard University
  • M.A., Religious Studies, Boston University

Dr. Suheil Laher

Lead Faculty and Assistant Professor


Dr. Suheil Laher has an MA in Religious Studies from Boston University and a PhD in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Harvard University. He previously served as Academic Dean at Fawakih Institute, which teaches Classical Arabic.

He has previously taught at Harvard, Brandeis and Boston Universities, and has also taught courses at the Ella Collins Institute and the Bukhari Institute. He has benefited from a number of teachers of traditional Islamic disciplines, in the U.S. and abroad, and has ijazahs in Islamic theology (‘aqidah), Islamic law (fiqh), hadith and other subjects.

He also has extensive experience working with youth while serving as Muslim Chaplain at MIT. He currently serves as Associate Professor and Lead Faculty at BIS.


Archived Courses
  • Qurʾanic Immersion: Recitation, Reflection, and Application, Ramadan 2021
  • Introduction to the Sciences of the Qur’an, Fall 2020
  • Qur’anic Immersion: Recitation, Reflection and Application, Fall 2019
  • Sciences of Qur’an and Hadith, Spring 2019
  • Foundations and Objectives of Sacred Law (Qawa’id and Maqasid), Spring 2018
  • Madhhabs: Development and Differences, Fall 2017
  • Sciences of Hadith, Spring 2017
  • Sciences of the Qur’an, Fall 2016