Fiqh of Societal Affairs

Course Code Year Term Course Group Credits
IRL-542 2 Spring Sacred Texts and Islamic Sciences 4


This course provides students with an overview of Islamic law (fiqh) as it relates to interpersonal relationships and daily life. Topics covered include food, clothing, gender interaction, politics, justice and law. The course also covers issues of moral agency as well as the criteria for establishing mental fitness for legal accountability. This course functions as a preparation for later training in counseling and mental health from an Islamic perspective.

“My experience with BIS has been transformative. I have had direct access to scholars and their knowledge, alhamdulillah in a way I have never experienced before. We’ve deeply explored the Muslim experience academically, challenging many of my previously held beliefs and narratives. I am forever grateful to BIS, the scholars and the organizers for this experience”.

Nuha Muntasser, Student