Workshop Series

Mastering Public Speaking

Mastering Public Speaking

PPS 110w | Faculty: Dr. John Robbins

This workshop trains students in the art of public speaking, including giving speeches and sermons for both religious and non-religious occasions. The student will also learn how to tailor their communication for greater impact and how to navigate communications with a variety of audiences.

The curriculum includes the following key components:

  • Crafting and Structuring Speeches
  • Understanding and Engaging Different Audiences
  • Enhancing Speaking Skills and Managing Anxiety
  • Navigating and Adapting to Multi-Cultural Communication Contexts
Jan. 20-21, 2024 Sat. – Sun. 10am – 4pm 10 Hours Dr. John Robbins

The Master in Islamic Religious Leadership (MIRL) program at BIS aims to prepare professional American Muslim religious leaders for committed service to society.