Worlds Unknown with Ust. Zaynab Ansari starts Thursday 6/8!

Explore the role of Muslims in forming the Atlantic World!

As-salamu `Alaykuim Wa Rahmatu Allah,

Did you know?

By the 15th century,

Muslims had arrived on the shores of the Americas.

No one could have imagined Muslims would reach these lands.

Explore the role of Muslims in forming the Atlantic World!

From pre-Columbian Travel between Africa and the New World to the proto-Islamic movements in the early 20th century;

Discover the rich yet complex history of Muslims in this region in our summer course, World Unknown: A History of Islam in America!

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Join Ustadha Zaynab Ansari on Thursdays to bridge the gap between history and the present, between the Muslim World and the Atlantic World.

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