Enroll in ‘The Bigger Picture of Fiqh’ course with Dr. Suheil!

Is fiqh an endless list of arbitrary rules and regulations?

As-salamu `Alaykuim Wa Rahmatu Allah,

How is ‘good’ defined?

Are ‘need’ and ‘necessity’ the same?

Choosing between lesser and greater harms

Balancing individual rights with the public interest

Learn the higher objectives of fiqh that apply to our contemporary ethical challenges, such as:

End-of-life Care, Ecology, Modern Weapons

Enhance your comprehension of reason, revelation, ethics, and utility within fiqh this Summer!

Join Dr. Suheil and Dr. Mariam on Mondays to gain a broader understanding of Islamic rules and regulations, the universal principles or higher objectives (maqāṣid) underlying them, the Five Major Maxims (qawā ʿid fiqhiyya).

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Certification: Any student who successfully completes all five courses that comprise a Graduate Certificate will be awarded the corresponding certificate.

The semester starts the week of May 29th and ends on the week of Aug 27th!

These foundational certificate courses emphasize personal reflection, spirituality, and practicality, all of which are at the heart of Islamic learning.

May Allah bless you endlessly on your path of knowledge!

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