Dr. Basyouny Nehela

President & Dean of Academic Affairs
60 Willow Street Chelsea, MA 02150


  • Ph.D., Da’wah and Islamic Culture, Al-Azhar University, Egypt
  • M.A., Fundamentals of Religion, Al-Azhar University, Egypt

Dr. Basyouny Nehela

President and Professor


Dr. Basyouny Nehela holds an MA in Fundamentals of Religion, and a PhD with Honors in Da’wah and Islamic Culture, both from Al-Azhar University. He is currently the President and Dean of Academic Affairs at Boston Islamic Seminary. Dr. Basyouny was previously an associate professor in the Department of Islamic Creed and Da’wah at Qatar University’s Faculty of Shari’ah and Islamic Studies and a faculty member at Al-Azhar University and Islamic American University.

He was also the head and coordinator of many academic committees covering curriculum enhancement, core curriculum development, strategic planning, academic activities and events, and professional development. He has taught many courses including Fundamentals of Da’wah, Ethics, Comparative Religion, Islamic Creed, Islamic Culture and Quranic Studies.

He participated and presented in many academic and Islamic conferences in various countries, including the United States, Egypt, Qatar, Malaysia, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Jordan. He has designed and developed academic curricula and courses for academic organizations and institutions in the US, Africa and some Arab countries.

Dr. Basyouny has published over 200 articles in newspapers and magazines on topics such as the methodologies and means of Quranic education and Da’wah, contemporary youth issues and Islamic thought. He has also been featured in various television and radio shows on Al Jazeera Network. He also offers regular workshops and lectures on family issues and contemporary marital and educational problems.

He received Qatar University’s yearly award for the best academic online course at the university, and another award from the College of Shari’ah for the best chair of the academic activities committee.

Past Courses

Other Courses

  • Introduction to Islamic Systems, Ramadan 2021
  • Sirah in the Light of the Qur’an, Fall 2020
  • Tazkiyyatun-Nafs, Fall 2020
  • Qur’anic Immersion: Recitation, Reflection & Application (Level 2), Ramadan 2020
  • Qur’anic and Prophetic Communication During Challenging Times, Ramadan 2020
  • Qur’anic Immersion: AlKahf – Read, Reflect & Act, Community Crisis Response 2020
  • Qur’anic Immersion: Recitation, Reflection, and Application, Fall 2019
  • Educators Workshop, Fall 2019
  • Introduction to Islamic Systems, Spring 2019
  • Qur’anic Methodology Towards Effective Communication, Spring 2018
  • Qur’anic Contemporary Education, Spring 2017