Certificates & Courses

Graduate Courses


The Graduate Certificate Programs provide focused training under the tutelage of our expert faculty. Certificates range from 50 to 200 hours of classroom instruction and experiential training and are designed to give participants opportunities to develop valuable knowledge and skills in a variety of fields of study. A BIS certificate can enhance one’s professional and/or academic skill set and credentials as well as provide the spiritual upliftment that comes from studying and applying sacred knowledge in a community of seekers of knowledge.


  • Providing relevant, accessible, and authentic knowledge and skills to those serving in a variety of Islamic leadership roles.
  • Improving the performance of Muslim religious leadership in American society.
  • Developing the next generation of leaders who are well-grounded in Islamic knowledge and character.
  • Preparing students who are interested in pursuing the full-time religious leadership program.
  • Application and meeting with the academic advisor.

The Graduate Certificates consist of approximately five graduate-level courses aimed at providing participants advanced training in a variety of topics connected to Islamic   religious leadership in America. Some offer core foundational knowledge that any chaplain, educator, or outreach ambassador must possess, while others offer a more specialized focus for those already established in a given field. 

Future graduate certificates may include Islamic bioethics and other topics that require intensive, graduate-level study.


  • Some certificates require a previous study, while others are open to all at any level. A successful application will include a meeting with an academic advisor.


About the Seminary

According to a NPR survey, there are more than 2,100 mosques in the United States but they have a challenge – there aren’t enough imams or spiritual leaders, especially those who realize the challenges of a Muslim American today, to go around. BIS was established to address the gap in qualified American Muslim religious leaders. BIS is also the first Islamic Seminary in the U.S. to receive the authority to award the Masters of Islamic Religious Leadersrhip (MIRL) degree.