Reflections From The Qur’an In This Difficult Time

Dear Friend,

Assalamu Alaikum,

During these difficult and testing times, let us seek solace and strength in the Qur’an, and remind ourselves that Allah is well-aware of everything that is currently happening.

A famous scholar elegantly extrapolated,

“He knows all things, encompassing all that transpires in the depth of the earths to the highest reaches of the heavens. Nothing of an atom’s weight in the earth or the heavens escapes His Knowledge. He even knows about the creeping of a black ant across a massive, soundless stone on a dark night. He knows the movement of specks on a windy day. He knows secrets, and that which is yet more hidden. He is informed about private thoughts of the innermost mind, the workings of the brain, and the [most] obscure hidden things, with a beginningless, eternal Knowledge that has been with Him forever.”

This world is not always fair; let us remember that the Day of Judgment lies ahead,

Let us keep our suffering brothers and sisters in our prayers.


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