The last 10 nights of Ramadan are here!

Dear BIS Supporters and Friends,

Assalamu Alaikum!

Congratulations on reaching the last ten days of Ramadan! We ask Allah to accept our efforts this month and make us among the most successful, sincere, and righteous.

We learn from our Prophet SAWS that completing the recitation of the Quran in Ramadan generates and uncovers the spirit of giving and caring buried within us. So, we must show Allah our thankfulness by being charitable and generous for His sake, just as our role model, the Prophet SAWS, used to be.

The Hadith provides us with some essential lessons that we should consider:

  1. It emphasizes that reading and studying the Quran should inspire us to be more generous, which means that the more we learn and understand from the Quran, the more we should strive to be kind and giving.
  2. The Hadith narrates that our beloved Prophet (PBUH) used to demonstrate this generosity every night throughout the entire month, which tells us how important it is to practice this noble trait regularly.
  3. The Hadith reminds us that generosity is not limited to fulfilling our obligations; it includes all voluntary and optional acts of giving for Allah’s sake. Hence, we should always be willing to give more than expected, and our generosity should reflect our love and devotion to Allah.

As we approach the end of Ramadan, let us make generous donations and pledges to our local and national organizations serving Allah’s mission, final revelation, and other urgent humanitarian causes nationally and internationally. We must carry out the true meaning of Sadaqah (charity) and perform deeds that benefit Allah’s creations and please Allah solely without expecting any reward from anyone else.

On behalf of Boston Islamic Seminary (BIS), I also want to thank you for your sustained commitment, friendship, and support. Your pledges over the years have enabled BIS to carry out our mission of creating and supporting the next generation of American Muslim religious leaders through a variety of programs and certificates, including our Master of Islamic Religious Leadership (MIRL), which is currently accepting applications for the fourth cohort, which will start studying in Fall 2024, inshaAllah.

I invite you to view the latest BIS updates below. We hope that you will be able to continue supporting the BIS mission and students of sacred knowledge. 

We sincerely ask Allah to accept all our efforts and to reward your contributions as Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous and ongoing charity) multiplied further this Ramadan.

May He reward you and your family abundantly and continue to use you for His noble causes.