Hiring! Academic and Student Affairs Coordinator

As-salamu `Alaykuim Wa Rahmatu Allah,

Boston Islamic Seminary (BIS) seeks a committed Student and Academic Affairs Coordinator to become an integral part of our vibrant team.

In this capacity, you will be entrusted with managing student records, steering admissions communications, and orchestrating the daily undertakings aligned with BIS academic programs. Furthermore, you’ll be crucial in offering project management support, aligning closely with BIS leadership, faculty, and our student community, and ensuring smooth logistical operations for faculty initiatives and student-centric events.

A pivotal part of this role also includes overseeing the financial facets of our students, which encompasses both tuition fees and scholarships.

We are keen to hear from individuals with a passion for higher education!

Boston Islamic Seminary (BIS) is a distinguished higher education institution officially recognized by the Massachusetts Higher Education authorities. We are privileged to hold the authority to confer a Master’s degree in Islamic Religious Leadership.

Our fundamental mission at BIS is to nurture and equip the next generation of Muslim religious leaders. Our vision is to empower these leaders with the knowledge, skills, and profound compassion required to serve the American community and, in turn, promote a deeper understanding of Islam within the contemporary world.

Please extend this invitation to your friends, family, and anyone who may interested in this role!

If you have any questions, please click here to reach out to us via email.

May Allah (SWT) guide you in your endeavors and grant you success in all your noble aspirations.

Boston Islamic Seminary