Course Spotlight: Tazkiyah & Tarbiyah Methodologies

Registration for the Fall Graduate Certificate courses is now available.

The Islamic Intellectual History Certificate (IHC) provides a detailed understanding of the epistemological foundations of the Islamic intellectual tradition.


This certificate expands upon the reasons why the Islamic tradition has remained strong through the ages and the ways in which Muslims have tackled some of the intellectual issues that are raised in our day and context. Among the other courses offered are:

  •  IHC 201 – Introduction to the Sciences of the Qurʾān with Dr. Asif Hirani (more)
  •  IHC 211 – Introduction to the Sciences of Ḥadīth with Ustadha Zaynab Ansari (more)
  •  IHC 221 – The Development of Islamic Fiqh with Ustadh Umar Shareef (more)
  •  IHC 231 – Introduction to Islamic Theology with Dr. Tahir Wyatt (more)

Any student who has enrolled in a total of 5 courses from either Level 1 and/or 2 Certificate Track will be awarded the Islamic Foundations Certificate.

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