Academic Advising

The BIS full-time faculty take the responsibility of the academic advising, each faculty is assigned a maximum of 5 students to be their academic adviser. The role of the academic adviser is as follows:
• Help students attain their academic, research progress, internship and career goals.
• Assist students in making informed choices about their study plan.
• Help students identify available sources, opportunities and possible career opportunities.

Although BIS academic advisers assist students in making effective academic choices and performance, students are personally responsible for planning their academic program to meet all requirements.

Student Counselling Office

The BIS Student Counselling office is a guiding consultant developmental center that provides professional service to students who need personal and emotional support to help them achieve their academic goals and to proceed with self-development. BIS has partnered with Ummah Health, a nonprofit organization that is comprised of physical and mental health physicians that lend their time and expertise to the community. BIS will refer students for these services at no additional charge.
The student and counselor relationship is governed by the professional code of ethics governing the work of the student counselors, as adapted from the American Counselor Association (ACA) and American Psychological Association (APA).