Student Support & Services

The Student Activities Department aims to promote and enhance BIS’s mission by creating an environment for students to test new ideas, develop leadership skills, engage in the learning process and build their community. Through co-curricular opportunities and experiences such as student cross-cultural education, civic engagement and leadership development, students gain invaluable skills and experiential knowledge that they will continue to develop during their time on campus and beyond as future leaders.
Regular prayer circles, workshops, group meetings, spiritual retreats, Hajj and Umrah trips and social activities will be available for students.

Career Services

The Career Services Center provides career counseling, training and professional development services and helps to prepare students to engage and compete for the best career opportunities. It specializes in providing BIS students with student employment during their study at BIS. Additionally, the Center assists students with sponsorship, internship and full-time job opportunities and provides numerous career-related resources, programs and activities.

Counselling Services

The Student Counseling Center provides the BIS community with a variety of counseling and psychological services. These services include individual and group counseling to promote their psychological well-being and contribute to their overall success.