Invest in the future of your community!

The Sponsoring Partners Program enables institutions, individuals and communities across the United States to support students pursuing the Master of Islamic Religious Leadership (MIRL) at Boston Islamic Seminary. For institutional sponsoring partners, sponsorship is offered in exchange for the student’s commitment of service after graduation.

About the Sponsoring Partners Program 

Boston Islamic Seminary will train Islamic religious leaders for the American Muslim community. Many masjids struggle to find imams, youth leaders and religious educators who are both deeply grounded in the Islamic spiritual tradition and able to serve their communities in a way that is meaningful and relevant for today.

The Sponsoring Partners Program is designed to help American Muslim communities prepare for their future religious leadership needs.

The role of the Sponsoring Partner

The Sponsoring Partners Program offers two tracks:

  • Takaful Track: The Takaful Track is designed for Institutional Sponsoring Partners. This track facilitates a BIS student’s sponsorship by a particular mosque or Islamic institution in exchange for a commitment of service to the sponsoring organization after graduation.

Institutional sponsoring partners in the Takaful Track provide funding for full tuition, living expenses and summer internships for three years for an admitted BIS student. Takaful Track sponsors can either nominate a particular student, an option designed for students from the sponsoring partner’s local community, or support a student selected by BIS in consultation with the sponsor. In both instances, the sponsored student will commit to working for the sponsoring masjid or Islamic organization for a predetermined number of years at a predetermined salary.

  • Sadaqah Track: The Sadaqah Track of the Sponsoring Partners Program is designed for Individual or Group Sponsoring Partners. This track enables an individual or group of individuals to sponsor a BIS student without the expectation of service to a particular organization or community.

Individual or group Sadaqah Track sponsors will provide funding for full tuition, living expenses and summer internships for three years for an admitted BIS student. Sponsorship decisions in the Sadaqah Track are made at the sole discretion of the BIS financial aid committee.

Please note that all prospective sponsored students must first apply and be admitted to the Seminary’s Master of Islamic Religious Leadership (MIRL) to be considered for this program. While applicants are permitted to include reference letters from members of their prospective sponsoring community as part of their BIS application, the BIS admissions committee retains full autonomy in evaluating student qualifications and eligibility. The possibility of sponsorship does not impact BIS admissions decisions.

Cost of Sponsorship

Sponsors provide funding for full tuition, living expenses and summer internships for three years for an admitted BIS student, approximately $21,000 per year, for a total of $63,000 over the course of the three-year program:

Tuition $16,000.00
Student services and activities fee $250.00
Health insurance $3,000.00
Books and materials $1,500.00
TOTAL $20,750.00

In cases where an individual or group of individuals collectively sponsor a student, BIS offers monthly payment plans. Examples of monthly cost-sharing plans include:

  • Full tuition of one student ($1750/month) x one sponsor
  • Half tuition of one student ($875/month) x two sponsors
  • One-third tuition of one student ($585/month) x three sponsors
  • One-tenth tuition of one student ($175/month) x ten sponsors

The Seminary’s administration will work closely with Sponsoring Partners to ensure that selected students are adequately prepared for service, that they are provided with the information they need to participate in sponsoring those students, and that they are kept up to date on the progress of the student during his/her time at the Seminary. To this end, the Seminary will provide:

  • Guidance and support in raising funds for your student(s)
  • Marketing materials about the Seminary for use in fundraising campaigns
  • Guidance on the application and admissions process (as needed)
  • Sample legal documents to formalize the relationship between the sponsoring organization, the student and the Seminary (Takaful Track only)


Sponsored students will gain a firm grounding in the Islamic sciences and Islamic spirituality, training in the philosophical and historical underpinnings of Western civilization and key skills required to serve in community settings. Students who participate in the Takaful Track will also gain valuable experience in serving as a community leader, beginning in the community of the sponsoring organization.

Sponsoring partners will have supported a student of knowledge for the duration of their training, preparing them to adequately serve the American Muslim community. Takaful Track sponsoring partners will benefit directly from the leadership, service and education of the student.

It was said: “There are only three good types of people in the Dunya: the student of knowledge, the teacher of knowledge, or the one who supports them.” 

If you’re interested in participating in this program, please complete one of the forms below. If you have any questions, please email us at, and we will get in touch with you about additional program details.