Invest in the future of your community!


The Goal of the Sponsoring Partners Program is to enable communities across the United States to support young people in pursuing Islamic Religious education, in exchange for service to that community upon graduation.  The program provides benefits for three key stakeholders of a Seminary education:


  • Students – The Sponsoring Partners Program alleviates the financial burden on students.
  • The Seminary – The Sponsoring Partners Program provides Boston Islamic Seminary with a cadre of students who are known and endorsed by local masjids and community leaders as good candidates for religious leadership in Muslim community settings.
  • Masjids and Communities – The Sponsoring Partners Program helps provide masjids and other Islamic institutions with a pipeline of future religious leaders who have been trained by qualified instructors in a trusted setting.


The Seminary’s administration will work closely with partner organizations to ensure that we select the right students for the program, that donors are provided with the information they need to participate in sponsoring those students, and that the institution is kept up to date on the progress of the student during his/her time at the Seminary.  To this end, the Seminary will provide:

  • A Description of the Sponsoring Partners Program
  • Guidance and support in raising funds for your student(s)
  • Marketing Materials about the Seminary for use in fundraising campaigns
  • Guidance on the application and admissions process
  • Sample legal documents to formalize the relationship between the sponsoring organization, the student and the Seminary

To learn more, please complete this form and we will get in touch with you about additional program details.