Towards Sacred Activism

When: Saturday, March 13 – Sunday, March 14; 10 am – 2 pm EST
Location:  ONLINE ONLY


Description: The Towards Sacred Activism workshop will delve into the basis and pre-requisites of activism according to Islamic sacred law, and provide suggestions regarding fortifying one’s positions within an Islamic framework while engaged in activism circles that are primarily driven by secular sensibilities. The workshop will specifically discuss parameters when engaging pro-LGBTQ proponents and organizers.

Program Outcomes

Objectives and Learning Outcomes:

1) Learn definitions of Justice according to Islamic sacred law.
2) Become familiar with textual basis for communal and individual obligations for enjoining good and forbidding evil.
3) Learn the conditions and recognize the comportment for sacred activism.
4) Learn the operational differences between alliances and coalitions.
5) Suggest steps for spiritual self-care in activism spaces.
6) Assist in providing confidence when engaging activists who are on the Left and the Right.
7) Provide resources for future activism and community organizing.


Dawud Walid is member of the Michigan Muslim Community Council’s Scholars and Imams board, a senior fellow at Auburn Seminary based in New York and the executive director of CAIR-MI.  He previously served as an imam at Masjid Wali Muhammad in Detroit and the Bosnian American Islamic Center in Hamtramck, MI.  He is the author of the books Towards Sacred Activism and Blackness and Islam. 


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