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Real Talk with Students & Faculty!

Tune in to our Facebook LIVE series as we delve into deep topics with our faculty.

Episode One

Episode One:

Ustadha Zaynab Ansari spent a decade studying Farsi, Arabic, and traditional Islam, sitting with male and female scholars in seminaries in the Middle East, including traditional scholars in Syria. Our wonderful student Huda Khwaja will ask her about her education at the feet of woman scholars and her time spent in Syria. Ustadha Zaynab Ansari is currently teaching “Introduction to the Sciences of Qur’an and Hadith” at Boston Islamic Seminary. Find out more at:

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Episode Two

Episode Two:

Words are powerful. Ustadh Abdur-Rahman discusses the essence of Prophetic Communication.

Ustadh Abdur-Rahman Syed is an international business advisor and communication expert with a special interest in the Islamic economy and in prophetic approaches to the human sciences. He is currently working on a book on prophetic communications.

Our student Nuha Muntasser will ask him why we should look at the prophets when it comes to communicating and practical tips on how we can enhance our daily communication skills. You don’t want to miss this one.

Ustadh Abdur-Rahman is currently co-teaching our Quranic and Prophetic Communications course. Find out more at


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Episode Three

Episode Three:

A discussion on how we can become “Walking Qurans” with Dr. Hirani and BIS student Farris Muntasser.

Dr Asif Hirani is a resident scholar at Worcester Islamic Center, he completed his Masters in Islamic Studies (Usul-ud-din) from Karachi University and attained his PhD from Al-Madina International University in Tafsir & Uloom-ul-Quran.

Farris Muntasser will ask him how we can make The Qur’an the center of our lives and how we can learn to reflect on it in a way that stirs our souls.

What a better time to learn how to enhance and strengthen our relationship with The Qur’an than now. Dr Asif Hirani is currently co-teaching “Qur’anic Immersion” with BIS President Dr. Basyouny Nehela. Find out more at


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Episode Four

Episode Four:

Dr. Harun Spevack & student Rawda Aljawhary discuss purification of the soul. Dr. Harun Spevack is a professor of Islamic Studies. His teaching specialties include topics in Islamic studies—law, theology, Sufism, history, and culture. His research interests include Islamic intellectual history (law, theology, Sufism, logic) especially with regard to the 13th to 19th century legal and theological commentary traditions, as well as contemporary issues in Islam. Dr Harun will tell us about his journey to becoming Muslim and his interests in the above subjects. He is currently teaching our Sciences of Fiqh, ‘Aqidah and Tazkiyya course: