The Boston Islamic Seminary (BIS) Certificate Programs provide focused training under the tutelage of our expert faculty. Certificates range from 50 to 300 hours of classroom instruction and experiential training and are designed to give participants opportunities to develop valuable knowledge and skills in a variety of fields of study. A BIS certificate can enhance one’s professional and/or academic skill set and credentials as well as provide the spiritual upliftment that comes from studying and applying sacred knowledge in a community of seekers of knowledge.

 Professional Development Certificates:

The Professional Development Certificates are carefully designed skills-oriented programs of study in crucial areas where sufficient religious leadership is lacking in American Muslim communities.  Current offerings include:


  • Muslim Chaplaincy Certificate:


Trains chaplains and imams to provide counseling, pastoral care, leadership, and guidance to diverse Muslim and non-Muslim communities based on Quranic and Prophetic methods. 


  • Family Counseling Certificate


The certificate is designed to train a variety of practitioners who will serve in diverse counseling roles to support Muslim couples, families, and youth. Participants will develop spiritual and social counseling skills to address inter-personal and family dynamics, with an awareness of how these are affected by both internal factors, such as individual psychology and spirituality, and external factors such as racism, unemployment, and relationships with extended family.


  • Educator’s Certificate 


Teaches educators to create spiritually-uplifting curricula and apply Islamic educational philosophies with an aim to solve common contemporary educational problems in the Muslim-American communities.


  • Youth Community Leader Certificate


This certificate is designed to train youth leaders in the knowledge, skill, and characteristics of an effective and inspiring Muslim community leader according to the prophetic example. Youth leaders will obtain essential training in core leadership, communication, and management techniques and methods, enabling them to serve as mentors to others. 



  • Board of Director’s Certificate: 


This certificate is designed to provide board directors, leaders, and managers of Islamic communities and organizations with the necessary knowledge, skills, and characteristics of an effective and inspiring leader. Using the prophetic example, participants will be trained in core leadership, communication, and management techniques and methods, enabling them to serve as a guide and mentor to others.



  • Islamic Bioethics Certificate: Level 1


Provides participants with the necessary knowledge to address current bioethical issues affecting Muslim patients and clinicians from an Islamic perspective. These include end of life care, brain death, clinical practice, and Muslim patient advocacy.



  • Islamic Bioethics Certificate: Level 2


Prepares participants to demonstrate the detailed process by which a Muslim bioethicist makes an assessment of new therapeutic advances and technologies from an Islamic perspective. These include genetic manipulations, reproductive issues, and comparative bioethics.



  • Public Speaking Certificate:


This certificate is designed to train public speakers in the art of public speaking, providing them with essential leadership skills such as delivering powerful and impactful speeches and sermons for both religious and non-religious occasions. Participants will learn how to tailor and adapt their communication for optimal impact and how to navigate communications with a variety of audiences.