Ustadh Umar Shareef

Adjunct Instructor
60 Willow Street Chelsea, MA 02150


  • Ph.D Student. Arabic and Islamic Studies, Georgetown University
  • Classical Arabic, Qasid Arabic Institute, Jordan
  • M.A. Political Science & Arabic, Tufts University

Ustadh Umar Shareef

Adjunct Instructor


Ustadh Umar Shareef holds a B.A. in Political Science & Arabic from Tufts University. He was selected for the prestigious yearlong colloquium “Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship” (EPIIC) on the future of the Middle East and North Africa. After, Ustadh Umar completed his classical Arabic studies at Qasid Arabic Institute, Jordan.

Ustadh Umar is currently pursuing his Ph.D. Arabic and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University. His thesis work is on (a) Constructing the genealogy of the legal concept taqyīd al-mubāḥ (restricting the permissible) from its historical origins to its use in the contemporary period; and (b) Employing the archaeological and genealogical methodologies of Foucault to understand developments within Islamic legal theory.

Ustadh Umar is also proficient in Persian and German.



  • The Hermeneutics of Islamic Legal Authority. Georgetown University, USA (2022)
    Presented a paper on Egypt’s Legal Debate over Verbal Divorce: A Struggle over Legislative Authority between the Religious and Political Elites
  • Georgetown Arabic Department Graduate Association (GADGA). Georgetown University, USA (2020)
    Presented a paper on Navigating New Legal Cases: What the Leading Debates over Tobacco tell us about Islamic Law
  • 4th International Ibn Khaldun Symposium. Ibn Haldun University, Turkey (2017)
    Presented on Ibn Khaldun: Education and Politics