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The American Muslim community is at a defining moment in determining its future outlook and place in American culture. While we have seen considerable growth in population and institutional development, there remain difficult and perplexing moral, intellectual, socioeconomic, and civic challenges that impede a more fruitful and God-conscious reality for Muslims in America.

The New York Times, NPR and others have run pieces both about the shortage of qualified religious leaders for Muslim communities, as well as the inadequate training that many imams receive prior to serving  as religious leaders.

At the heart of these challenges lies the lack of a native Muslim American leadership that can help steer our community toward a positive outcome and healthy engagement with our surrounding environment—a leadership that is firmly grounded in the Islamic tradition, yet intimately familiar with Western traditions and institutions as well. This is the mission of the Boston Islamic Seminary: striving to play a critical role in preparing future generations of extraordinary American Muslim thinkers and leaders to help set the direction for American Muslims to define their place in America’s future.

Boston Islamic Seminary’s programs will train men and women to become chaplains, imams, community leaders, and scholars serving their religion, their community, and their country.