Preparing the next generation of American Muslim Leaders



The Boston Islamic Seminary is committed to the authentic, balanced spiritual and intellectual heritage of Islam, deeply rooted in the compassionate teachings and wisdom of the Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammad  (p.b.u.h.). We pledge to uphold the Islamic duties of submission to God and service to humanity, anchored in the teaching that only through righteous action towards others is one’s faith complete.


The Seminary is committed to the search for principled Islamic solutions to the particular challenges facing Muslims in their families, communities, and broader cultural environment. We further seek to build upon and develop the many areas of overlap between American and Islamic values and principles.


The Seminary seeks to train competent Muslim leaders who have the knowledge and skills to help communities navigate new issues and unforeseen circumstances with wisdom, integrity, and compassion. We are committed to facilitating peaceful dialogue and dignified human interaction, as well as promoting the Islamic imperative of being good stewards of the earth.


Preparing the next Generation of Religious Leadership