Islamic Bioethics Certificate – Level 1 (5 Week Intensive Program)

with Dr. Ayman Ibrahim & Dr. Eman Elserafy

[Sunday (In Class and via video stream), 10:00am-5:30 pm

Tuesday (Online Only), 7:00pm-10:00 pm

Starting September 15th – October 15th

Location: 31 Quint Ave, Allston, MA 02134



This certificate is designed to provide participants with the necessary foundations of Islamic bioethics in relation to general bioethics and addressing current bioethical issues affecting Muslim patients and clinicians from an Islamic perspective. It highlights Islamic commitments to bioethics, the meaning of risk (mafsadah) in Islam and the mandate for risk reduction in medical treatment and health decisions (dara’ al-mafsadah). The goal of this certificate program is to help participants develop a basic understanding of the precursors to Islamic bioethics rooted in Islamic sciences and its applications in clinical fields.


  • Improving the performance of Muslim religious leadership in American society.
  • Developing the next generation of leaders who are well-grounded in Islamic knowledge and character.
  • Providing a systematic definition of Islamic Bioethics, an account of its development, and demonstration of its importance.
  • Demonstrating principles of Islamic Bioethics on topics related to end of life care, brain death, clinical practice, and Muslim patient advocacy.
  • Preparing students who are interested in pursuing the full-time religious leadership program.

Participant Learning Outcomes:

  • Ability to accurately explain proofs and reasoning behind specific Islamic ethical positions.
  • Demonstrate the application of the principles of Islamic Bioethics on specific ethical positions.
  • Outline the contributions of various organizations working in the field of Islamic bioethics.

Who should apply?


  • Required for:  Established or aspiring family chaplains, Imams, and counselors as well as medical practitioners who are confronted with clinical questions from Muslim patients.


  • Recommended for:  educators, religious leaders, lawyers, patients and relatives of patients who have confronted bioethical issues that may conflict with their religious affiliation.


A successful application will include a meeting with an academic adviser. Some participants may require a foundational course in Islamic belief, practice, and spirituality. Participants may begin the curriculum in any course. However, for participants with little clinical background or ethics training, additional readings or study may be advisable


Dr. Ibrahim is a research physician interested in development of novel therapeutic modalities and its ethical implications, bioethics and intersection between science and religion.   Dr. Ibrahim holds a degree in medicine, a postgraduate degree from high institute of Islamic studies, Egypt, and completed various studies in management and Law.  He held various leadership positions in research in academia and industry with extensive exposure to various Bioethical applications in real life. He was an instructor and dissertation advisor for online graduate school programs, lectured in Islam and science and has numerous scholarly publications in those fields.

Dr. Eman Elserafy is a physician with masters degree in Public health and health education from Wayne University, MI.  She taught various classes in public health and delivery of health services  programs for more than a decade, and she is also a certified Health educator. Dr. Eman Elserafy has been focused on women’s issues and health disparities,  and its ethical implications in the USA.  Dr. Elserafy will be a co-Instructor in the Islamic Bioethics certificate Program-Level 1,  to deliver the Islamic perspective of various Bio-ethical issues related to women’s health, Heath care systems and health policy.


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