Certificate in Islamic Bioethics Level 2

Instructors: Dr. Ayman Ibrahim

Time: Sunday 10am – 5pm & Tuesday 7pm – 10pm; Starting January 19, 2020

Location: Online via Video
Conferencing – Moodle



Islamic Bio ethics Level 2 provides students with deeper knowledge of Islamic Bioethics and prepares them to address the advanced research in the field. The goal of the program is to enhance students’ understanding of Islamic Bioethics and its applications in the field of genetic manipulation, pharmaceutical bioethics, and comparative bioethics.

Learning Outcomes:

Assess potential bioethical issues from an Islamic perspective and provide some initial Islamic Bioethical opinions related to new challenges in genetic manipulations, pharmaceutical bioethics, and innovative therapeutic technologies that are increasingly becoming available. Demonstrate the detailed process by which a Muslim bioethicist can assess new therapeutic advances, technologies, and policies from an Islamic perspective compared to other ethical views.
Practical aspects of useful participation of Muslims in Bioethics consultations and healthcare ethics committee work

Who should apply?

This program is designed for:

Biomedical researchers, pharmaceutical researchers involved in genetic editing, genetic manipulations.

Imams, chaplains, and researchers interested in comparing bioethics between various Abrahamic religions.

Doctors, nurses, students and patients involved in the field or have demonstrated sufficient or equivalent knowledge about Islamic Bioethics, Islam 101, and general ethics.


Dr. Ibrahim is a research physician interested in development of novel therapeutic modalities and its ethical implications, bioethics and intersection between science and religion.   Dr. Ibrahim holds a degree in medicine, a postgraduate degree from high institute of Islamic studies, Egypt, and completed various studies in management and Law.  He held various leadership positions in research in academia and industry with extensive exposure to various Bioethical applications in real life. He was an instructor and dissertation advisor for online graduate school programs, lectured in Islam and science and has numerous scholarly publications in those fields.


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