The Boston Islamic Seminary’s Iqra Fellowship Program is a year-long initiative that seeks to empower students and young professionals with the traditional, philosophical, and spiritual foundations needed to navigate modern challenges and thrive as Muslims in America. The fellowship aims to support the development of more effective, compassionate, and knowledgeable Muslim leaders and better our mosque communities and Islamic institutions.

Through our curriculum and intensives in the 2020-2021 academic year, we will survey the outcomes of philosophical traditions that shape the modern world, including scientific materialism, liberalism, feminism, racism and secularism. As we make visible the “philosophical air that we breathe,” the fellowship aims to equip young Muslims with a compelling representation of their own rich spiritual, intellectual, and philosophical tradition and the resources it contains to face the existential questions of our time. We will be exploring the spiritual traditions of Islam to guide and motivate this intellectual pursuit of truth and deepen of our relationship with Allah. The long-term goal is to equip fellows with the tools, knowledge, confidence, and community to faithfully serve as the next generation of American Muslim leaders.

We will have a variety of instructors with different experiences, expertise, and identities.

We are looking for a cohort of new and returning applicants who are interested in exploring and enriching the lenses through which they see the world. Our fellowship environment requires active participation, adab (proper conduct), intellectual humility, sincere truth-seeking, and a willingness to challenge ourselves and each other to be and do better, particularly in areas in which our community can be improved to become a spiritual home for the diversity and entirety of Creation. Our pedagogy calls upon students to engage with the text (iqra), reflect upon the context (tadabbur) and cultivate their agency (i’mal) in a spiritually rich environment.

The Iqra Fellowship Program was born in 2017 and since then has taught over 250 students with 37 different subjects taught by over 20 highly distinguished instructors and scholars. Scroll down to watch what previous students have to say about the program!


The Iqra Fellowship expects a strong commitment from every student to ensure that they benefit as much as possible. We expect students to actively engage with the material, instructors, and discussion. If you go forward with the process please be sure to make the Iqra Fellowship a priority.

We will be holding sessions virtually this year. The Iqra Fellowship Program follows the academic calendar. We start on September 13, 2020 and end May 16, 2021 with a month long winter break. Here are the following time commitments:

– Sundays 1:00 P.M. – 3:30 PM EDT

Once Each Semester:
– A Weekend Intensive (4-6 hrs)



There is no cost to enroll onto the Iqra Fellowship Program.



If you have any questions regarding this application and the program at large, please email us at:



The deadline to apply is September 1, 2020. Please submit your application below: