A Program for Living and Learning Islam in America

The Iqra Fellowship empowers students and young professionals with the traditional, philosophical, and spiritual foundations needed to navigate modern challenges and thrive as Muslims in America.

Iqra Fellows will join a community of students and scholars working to create meaningful change within themselves and their communities.

The Iqra Fellowship works on three fronts: engaging the Islamic worldview in conversation with competing modern worldviews (iman), developing sound knowledge of Islamic beliefs and practices (islam), and fostering a culture of spirituality and excellence (ihsan).

Fellows will engage with renowned scholars, cultivate companionship, and build a dynamic community of driven and grounded Muslims working to create meaningful change within themselves and their communities.

The Iqra Fellowship is fully sponsored by Boston Islamic Seminary, and there will be no costs for the fellows throughout the program. Regular applications from students and young professionals in the Greater Boston area were accepted up until June 24th, 2018. Although the Iqra Fellowship is a two-year program, fellows may commit to just the first year, and then decide whether or not to continue with the second year of the program. For questions, please read our FAQ or contact info@iqrafellowship.com.

Program Details

The Iqra Fellowship is a student-run initiative that draws expertise from local scholarship and international models of Islamic education and pedagogy. Iqra Fellows meet weekly for 2 hours-long lectures/workshops over the weekends followed by dinner together with the instructors.

Topics Covered

  • Iman (Islamic creed and belief)
  • Islamic Law and Legal History
  • Ihsan (spiritual excellence)
  • Liberalism, Nationalism and Politics
  • Scientism and Faith
  • Professional Development and Ethics
  • Community Building and Leadership
  • Islam in America

Past Instructors

  • Yasir Fahmy, Senior Imam at ISBCC
  • Sharif El-Tobgui, Brandeis University
  • Suheil Laher, Fawakih Institute
  • Rushain Abbasi, Harvard University
  • Naeel Cajee, ICNE Sharon
  • Janan Delgado, Harvard University
  • Shireen Hamza, Harvard University
  • Nancy Khalil, University of Michigan
  • Adnan Rehman, Boston University
  • Mobeen Vaid, Hartford Seminary


2018 Application Timeline

  • May 31st – Application opens
  • June 24th – Regular Application deadline
  • June 30th to July 30th – Interviews on a rolling basis
  • September 8th: Iqra 2018-2019 begins


Iqra Fellowship is open to any student (in an undergraduate or graduate program) or young professional.

We are looking for young Muslims from the greater Boston area who have an open mind and heart to transform themselves through the immersive Islamic learning experience they will receive. Our fellows are active members of their communities and will be use the fellowship as a platform to reflect on the issues of their communities and how to solve them.

Weekly Commitment: The total time commitment will be a total of 3-4 hrs per week:

  • 2 hours of lecture/discussion and Q&A followed by dinner and social time
  • 1-2 hours of readings and preparation.

Year-long Commitment: Fellows are expected attend every session for the course of 2018-2019 academic year, actively participate, actively contribute to the Iqra fellows community and the program for the future. The fellowship should be a students’ first priority after their academic/professional work and families.