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When: Mondays from 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm EST.
Dates: Starting October 19th – November 23rd, 2020.
Location:  ONLINE ONLY


This course covers the main foundations of Islam as the final Abrahamic religion to humanity. Participants will learn about the Articles of Faith, the Prophet’s Life, the Acts of Worship, the Qur’an, and Islamic Ethics. The class will provide an opportunity for students to reflect and ask questions. By the end of the course, students should be able to recognize the similarities between the Abrahamic religions and to understand the role of Islam as a final religion from Allah. 


  • Educating students about the foundations and the history of Islam.
  • Answering some of the common misconceptions or misunderstandings about Islam.
  • Explaining the contexts of the Abrahamic religion from the Islamic perspective.
  • Facilitating an academic environment for open discussions based on mutual respect.


  • Non-Muslims who want to know what Islam is about
  • Muslims who want to refresh their memory about the foundations of Islam.
  • Anyone who is looking for accurate information to answer the common misconceptions or misunderstandings about Islam.


Ahmed Lofty Rashed (head instructor)

Br. Ahmed Lotfy Rashed (lead instructor) was born in Egypt and raised in Maryland. He studied physics at the University of Maryland. He has been the head instructor for the local Islam 101 class since 2006 and since 2009. He has presented Islam at schools and churches, and he has hosted visits to several major mosques in the area. He is the author of the Book series: “What would a Muslim Say.”

Kashif Syed (co-instructor)

Br. Kashif Syed was born in Pakistan and immigrated to the United States in 2000. He has consulted as a software engineer in the Silicon Valley, Texas, Michigan, and Illinois. He finally moved to the Boston area over 17 years ago. He is an active member of the Outreach team of the Islamic Society of Boston. He has been an interfaith speaker and Islam 101 instructor for the last 10 years.

Dr. Dorra Djebbi (co-instructor)

Dr. Dorra Djebbi was born and raised in Tunisia, North Africa. She holds a bachelors and a Master of Science in Food Engineering from the National Engineering School of Sfax, Tunisia, and a Ph.D. in Food Science from Louisiana State University. Along with the Muslim Student Association at LSU, she represented and introduced Islam to the LSU students in several events such as hijab day and international women day. She also taught Quran classes to kids and weekly lessons for young women at the Baton Rouge Islamic center. She has recently joined Islam 101 as an instructor.


This course is being offered as a part of Boston Islamic Seminary’s Commitment to community service. As such, we are asking that students make a suggested contribution of $60 at the time of registration for the course. All proceeds will go to provide financial assistance to students who are pursuing Islamic knowledge at Boston Islamic Seminary while under significant financial burden.