Gender Interaction: Between Liberalism and Conservatism

When: Saturday, February 20 – Sunday, February 21; 10 am – 2 pm EST
Location:  ONLINE ONLY


Description: The issue of mixing between the two genders and its guidelines often generates controversy. It is usually surrounded by intense emotions, which cloud an impartial inquiry into the truth. The danger is that an unbalanced understanding of those guidelines or their application could result in significant risks to the individual and society alike, whether the deviation is towards improper laxity or excessive strictness. This workshop will cover the pertinent issues in our times such as interactions on social media without departing from the tradition or the traditional methodology.

Program Outcomes


Students will learn the guidelines for gender interaction from an Islamic perspective.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, students will, God willing:

  • Know the rules of proper interaction between genders.
  • Know what is considered appropriate and inappropriate.
  • Understand why there is so much disagreement about what is appropriate or not.
  • Understand the differences between culture and religion when approaching these issues.


Dr. Asif Hirani completed his Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Fashion design before switching gears to the pursuit of Islamic Studies. He has completed his Master’s in Islamic Studies (Usul-ud-din) from Karachi University and attained his PhD from Al-Madina International University in Tafsir and Uloom-ul-Quran. He is currently serving as a Resident Scholar of Worcester Islamic Center in Massachusetts.


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