The Islamic Foundations Certificate provides a basic introduction to understanding Islam for all Muslims and provides solid grounding for those serving as community leaders and educators, as well as for those who intend to explore Graduate-Level education in Islam.  The Foundations program emphasizes personal reflection, spirituality and socio-ethical development, which is at the heart of all true Islamic learning.


Students seeking to complete the Foundations program on a part-time basis should allocate at least three semesters for its completion.  The Foundations program will also be offered full-time as a summer intensive beginning in 2019, insha-Allah


This certificate consists of a five-course introduction to the essentials of Islamic belief, practice, and spirituality. It provides solid grounding for participants of all backgrounds to gain a firm foundation for further study. This graduate certificate emphasizes personal reflection, spirituality, and socio-ethical development, which is at the heart of all true Islamic learning.


  • Improving the performance of Muslim religious leadership in American society.
  • Developing the next generation of leaders who are well grounded in Islamic knowledge and character.
  • Ensuring mastery of the personally obligatory knowledge of belief, practice, and spirituality.
  • Encouraging spiritual routines and interpretive principles that impact how participants engage with their surroundings and communities.
  • Preparing students who are interested in pursuing the full-time religious leadership program.

Course Work


  • FOUN 101: Qurʾanic Immersion: Recitation, Reflection, and Application.
  • FOUN 102: Introduction to the Sciences of the Qurʾan and Hadith.
  • FOUN 103: Introduction to the Sciences of ʿAqīda, Fiqh, and Tazkiya.
  • FOUN 104: Introduction to Islamic Systems.
  • FOUN 105: The Vocabulary of Islam.

Who should apply?


  • Required for:
    • All students applying to the three-year Master’s in Islamic Leadership program (except those who pass the placement test or demonstrate previous training).
    • All Muslims who have not formally studied the personally obligatory knowledge of belief, practice, and spirituality.
  • Recommended for: parents, teachers, imams, chaplains, or anyone responsible for teaching fundamental Islamic knowledge to others.


A successful application will include a meeting with an academic advisor.

Dr. Basyouny Nehela holds an M.A. in Fundamentals of Religion, and a Ph.D. with Honors in Da’wa and Islamic Culture, both from Al-Azhar University. He is currently the Dean of Academic Affairs and professor at Boston Islamic Seminary. Dr. Basyouny was previously an Associate professor at Qatar University’s Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies, Department of Islamic Creed and Da’wa, a faculty member at Al-Azhar University and Islamic American University, and Imam of the Islamic Society of Boston.

He has also served as head, and coordinator of many academic committees covering Curriculum Enhancement, Core Curriculum, Strategic Plan, Academic Activities and Events, & Professional Development. He has taught many academic courses including Fundamentals of Dawa, Ethics, Comparative Religion, Islamic Creed, Islamic Culture, Quranic Studies,…etc.

He participated and presented in many academic and Islamic conferences in America, Egypt, Qatar, Malaysia, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan…etc .He has designed and developed some academic curricula and courses for academic organizations and schools in America, Africa and some Arab countries.

Dr. Basyouny has published over 200 articles in newspapers and magazines on topics such as the methodologies and means of Quranic Education and Da’wa, contemporary youth issues and Islamic thought as well as presented in various television and radio shows at Al Jazeera network .He also offers regular workshops and lectures on family issues and contemporary marital and educational problems.

He received Qatar University’s yearly award for the best academic online course at the university, and another award from the College of Sharia for the best chair of the academic activities committee.

Qur’anic Methodology Towards Effective Communication, Spring 2018
Introduction to Islamic Systems, Spring 2019
Qur’anic Contemporary Education, Spring 2017
Educators Workshop, Fall 2019
Qur’anic Immersion: Recitation, Reflection, and Application, Fall 2019
Qur’anic Immersion: Surah AlKahf – Read, Reflect & Act, Community Crisis Response 2020
Qur’anic and Prophetic Communication During Challenging Times, Islamic Foundation Virtual Courses (Ramadan 2020)
Qur’anic Immersion: Recitation, Reflection & Application (Level 2), Islamic Foundation Virtual Courses (Ramadan 2020)

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Islamic Foundations Courses

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Qur’anic Immersion:
Recitation, Reflection,
and Application

Offered Fall, 2018

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Introduction to the Sciences
of Fiqh, ‘Aqida,
and Tazkiya

Offered Fall, 2018

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Introduction to the Sciences
of the Qur’an
and Hadith

Offered Spring, 2019

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Introduction to
Islamic Systems

Offered Spring, 2019

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The Vocabulary
of Islam

Offered Summer, 2019