Financing Your Education

For the 2021-2022 Academic year, the cost to attend the Boston Islamic Seminary’s Master of Islamic Religious Leadership (MIRL) as a full-time student is $20,750.00, broken down as follows:

Direct/Billable Costs:

  • Tuition                                                            $16,000.00

  • Student services and activities fee              $250.00

  • Health insurance*                                         $3,000.00

Indirect/Non-Billable Costs:

  • Books and materials**                                 $1,500.00

TOTAL                                                                       $20,750.00

*Health insurance through BIS is available only to students who enroll full-time and reside in Massachusetts. It can be waived via the BIS Health Insurance waiver.

**Cost is approximate, paid separately by the student per course item.

Financial Aid

Boston Islamic Seminary is committed to delivering the best educational experience to its students. The Seminary views its financial aid and scholarship program as an investment in students and their futures, and thus will make an effort to support all admitted students who demonstrate financial need. Boston Islamic Seminary does not participate in federal or state sponsored grant or loan programs; students who need tuition, room and board assistance for the MIRL program should apply for Financial Assistance and demonstrate that they meet the necessary criteria.

BIS offers several full scholarships for students in the MIRL program. Awards are based on demonstrated academic and leadership merit, as determined by the MIRL scholarship committee.

Students who wish to be considered for a scholarship must submit their applications as early as possible, as applications are considered on a rolling basis. Please fill out the admissions list form to receive updates regarding the application process.

Types of Financial Aid

Financial assistance may be classified into three types based on the criteria through which the financial assistance is awarded: merit-based, need-based (from zakat funds), need-based (from other funds donated to the Seminary for student support).

Students who receive financial aid from zakat funds donated to the Seminary by the Muslim community in fulfillment of their religious requirements must meet the Islamic requirements for receiving zakat.

Merit-based financial assistance: Scholarship

Scholarships are merit awards for outstanding academic achievement, although some scholarships can be awarded for special talents or leadership potential. Students awarded a Merit Scholarship must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or above to maintain the scholarship. This academic scholarship is only to be applied to tuition.

Need-based financial assistance: Financial aid from zakat funds

Need-based financial aid (zakat) is awarded on the basis of the financial need of the student.  This financial aid can be applied to fees, tuition, room, board, or travel to/from the Seminary if the student is eligible for zakat.

Need-based financial assistance: Non-zakat financial aid

This financial aid can be applied to fees, tuition, room, board, or travel to/from the Seminary.