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Fear Not, Allah is With Us (Qur’an 9:40)


BIS President Dr. Basyouny Nehela shares some practical and spiritual advice for the Muslim community during the current healthcare crisis (Covid-19) as a series of brief video reminders. For his corresponding articles click here.


Click to watch Reminder No.1: a short discussion of relevant Quranic verses, following the Sunnah and seeking Allah’s forgiveness.

Click to watch Reminder No.2: a short discussion of the verse behind this campaign, Fear Not, Allah is with us (Qur’an 9:40) and a reminder to have full faith and conviction in Allah through times of worry, sadness or fear.

Click to watch Reminder No.3: a short discussion on a common concern within the Muslim community regarding the suspension of congregational prayer in the Masjids. A reminder that in Islam our actions are judged by our intentions and so Allah the Most Merciful will continue to reward us if we emulate our love for the prayer in our homes.

Click to watch Reminder No.4: a short discussion about the time when our beloved Prophet Muhammad and his close companion Abubakr Sidiqque (may peace be upon them both) were forced to hide for three nights in the cave of Thawr from those who were conspiring to kill them. Allah the All-Knowing directed our beloved Prophet (peace by upon him) to comfort Abubakr Sidiqque with beautiful words of reassurance: “Do not be sad/fear not, Allah is with us” (Qur’an 9:40). Allah The Protector of all then sent His peace and tranquility upon them. A reminder that in the same way, we must share this good news to those around us and find comfort in it within ourselves during times of hardship as Allah is aware of all things and is the protector of us all.

Click to watch Reminder No.5: A reminder of the importance of reciting Bismillah Ar-rahmaan Ar-raheem (In the name of Allah the Most Merciful the most Gracious) as a way of gaining peace and closeness to Allah the Giver of Peace.

Click to watch Reminder No.6: An explanation of the promise to us from Allah the Most Merciful. We are told in Surah AlBaqarah that when we sincerely remember Allah, he will be with us. We learn that this is not just through verbal zikr but by actively endeavouring to follow Allah’s instructions to gain his pleasure before making any decisions, big or small, during our day. As such, our hearts will only gain tranquility through this sincere remembrance and acknowledgement of Allah the Protector of all.


Dr. Basyouny Nehela, President of Boston Islamic Seminary and Dean of Academic Affairs

Dr. Basyouny Nehela holds an M.A. in Fundamentals of Religion, and a Ph.D. with Honors in Da’wa and Islamic Culture, both from Al-Azhar University. He is currently the Dean of Academic Affairs and professor at Boston Islamic Seminary. Dr. Basyouny was previously an Associate professor at Qatar University’s Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies, Department of Islamic Creed and Da’wa, a faculty member at Al-Azhar University and Islamic American University, and Imam of the Islamic Society of Boston.

He has also served as head, and coordinator of many academic committees covering Curriculum Enhancement, Core Curriculum, Strategic Plan, Academic Activities and Events, & Professional Development. He has taught many academic courses including Fundamentals of Dawa, Ethics, Comparative Religion, Islamic Creed, Islamic Culture, Quranic Studies,…etc.

He participated and presented in many academic and Islamic conferences in America, Egypt, Qatar, Malaysia, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan…etc .He has designed and developed some academic curricula and courses for academic organizations and schools in America, Africa and some Arab countries.

Dr. Basyouny has published over 200 articles in newspapers and magazines on topics such as the methodologies and means of Quranic Education and Da’wa, contemporary youth issues and Islamic thought as well as presented in various television and radio shows at Al Jazeera network .He also offers regular workshops and lectures on family issues and contemporary marital and educational problems.

He received Qatar University’s yearly award for the best academic online course at the university, and another award from the College of Sharia for the best chair of the academic activities committee.