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Educators Workshop with Dr. Basyouny Nehela & Dr. Nadjette Lazzouni

Sunday 10/27/2019 10:00am – 5:00pm

Location: 31 Quint Ave, Allston, MA 02134


This workshop is designed for educators in all realms: schoolteachers, professors, parents, coaches, mentors, chaplains, managers, etc. We will train every kind of educator on to how to correctly use the Islamic and prophetic philosophy of education. This will be done by exploring key concepts, core texts, and application methods that can be used in this modern society.
The goal of this training is to foster comprehensive personal and community development by strengthening the faith through learning about prophetic ways of educating. Through sound knowledge, educators will leave with a more righteous approach in teaching, spreading the message of truth, and being a constant source of spiritual guidance.


Dr. Basyouny Nehela holds an M.A. in Fundamentals of Religion, and a Ph.D. with Honors in Da’wa and Islamic Culture, both from Al-Azhar University. He is currently the Dean of Academic Affairs and professor at Boston Islamic Seminary. Dr. Basyouny was previously an Associate professor at Qatar University’s Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies, Department of Islamic Creed and Da’wa, a faculty member at Al-Azhar University and Islamic American University, and Imam of the Islamic Society of Boston.

He has also served as head, and coordinator of many academic committees covering Curriculum Enhancement, Core Curriculum, Strategic Plan, Academic Activities and Events, & Professional Development. He has taught many academic courses including Fundamentals of Dawa, Ethics, Comparative Religion, Islamic Creed, Islamic Culture, Quranic Studies,…etc.

He participated and presented in many academic and Islamic conferences in America, Egypt, Qatar, Malaysia, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan…etc .He has designed and developed some academic curricula and courses for academic organizations and schools in America, Africa and some Arab countries.

Dr. Basyouny has published over 200 articles in newspapers and magazines on topics such as the methodologies and means of Quranic Education and Da’wa, contemporary youth issues and Islamic thought as well as presented in various television and radio shows at Al Jazeera network .He also offers regular workshops and lectures on family issues and contemporary marital and educational problems.

He received Qatar University’s yearly award for the best academic online course at the university, and another award from the College of Sharia for the best chair of the academic activities committee.

Dr. Nadjette Lazzouni is a native of Algeria. She completed her training as a medical doctor and made education her vocation. With over 25 years of experience, she distinguishes herself by having an extensive background in education leadership, building education institutions and communities focused on caring deeply about students.
After finishing her medical degree, Dr. Lazzouni began her career in education by being part of the core founding team of Al-Hamra Academy where she played a supporting role with the founding members (the first full time Islamic school in Massachusetts). She provided thought leadership and strategy on how to develop a strong educational Islamic institution. At Al-Hamra Academy, she led a number of critical positions. She was a Vice-Principal, Department Head, Teacher, Science Fair Coordinator and played key roles in several committees.
In 2007, Dr. Lazzouni’s impact on Islamic Education extended internationally when she was selected by the Institute of Training and Development in Massachusetts to be part of a US delegation to Spain to study the challenges that Muslim Immigrants are facing in Spain.

Dr. Lazzouni’s focus is to promote and apply effective educational methodologies with a spiritual and ethical worldview to give children the best tools to succeed in life.
She believes that Muslim Children are to be successful and become an integral part of the community at large. She continues to drive towards harmonizing relationships and creating a spiritual space in which communities can live together in peace, mutual respect and understanding.
From 2013 to 2017, Dr. Lazzouni assumed the position acting Principal at Qalam Collegiate Academy in Richardson, Texas. She led the transformation of the Academy through accreditation, a dual enrollment program and growth. She led a team of staff and administrators to make the Academy one of the most respected all-girls Islamic high schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.