Starting in 2019, the Seminary program will begin enrolling students for our full-time graduate program.  Our curriculum will emphasize a spirit of service and will equip students with Islamic knowledge and contemporary skills to prepare them for successful careers in a variety of religious leadership roles in the United States, including as Imams, chaplains, counselors and other types of community leaders.

Our curriculum will include deep training in Qur’an, hadith, fiqh, sira, ‘aqida, and spiritual purification (tazkiya), in addition to courses on the intellectual, social, and political foundations of the modern world, and of the contemporary United States in particular. Students will also be trained in skills related to contemporary pastoral care, and the art and skill of Islamic teaching and spiritual guidance, family and youth counseling, and effective outreach and da‘wa.

More information will be available soon as we finalize our curriculum and our admissions requirements.

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