The Boston Islamic Seminary Library (BISL) shall develop and maintain an environment of high-quality information services that support academic programs, research, and all educational and professional needs for The BIS community and its respective partners..


1) Facilitate coordination with libraries in other institutions and universities.
2) Develop and maintain quality resources in support of The BIS teaching and research.
3) Provide objective criteria for collection development and selection.
4) Provide library catalog to assist users with accessing the collection.
5) Provide professional guidance on efficient and effective selection, and dissemination of scholarly information.
6) Explore collaboration with faculty and others regarding ways to incorporate library collections and services into effective curricular and co-curricular experiences for students.
7) Promote a strong and efficient relationship with vendors.

The BISL Collection Levels

The American Library Association has defined the following levels of collection as numerical values to describe a library’s collecting activity and goals.
1) Minimal level: A very limited collection of general materials, including monographs and reference works.
2) Basic level: A highly selective collection which serves to introduce and define the subject, to indicate the varieties of information available elsewhere, and to support the needs of general library users through the first 3 years of the Seminary.
3) Study level: A collection which supports undergraduate or graduate course work, or sustained independent study; that is, which is adequate to maintain knowledge of a subject required for limited or generalized purposes, or less than research intensity.
4) Research level: A collection that includes the major published source materials required for dissertations and independent research, including materials containing research reporting, new findings, scientific experimental results, and other information useful to researchers.

5) Comprehensive level: A collection in which a library endeavors, so far as is reasonably possible, to include all significant works of recorded knowledge for a necessarily defined field.
The BIS Library has identified a level between 3 and 4 as its target level for the coming 5 years.

Intellectual Freedom

The BIS Library promotes and supports the free flow of information, freedom of speech and intellectual freedom and does not exclude material based on the origin and background of the material, religion, or the expression of partisan or doctrinal ideas or views. However, the items included in the collection does not mean that The BIS endorses any theory or statement contained in them. The BIS Library Users are free to choose what they like from the collection, to reject what they don’t like, but not to restrict the freedom of others to read what they desire.