Boston Islamic Seminary’s Academic offerings – Overview

The Boston Islamic Seminary (BIS) aims to prepare exemplary, professional Muslim American religious leaders for compassionate service to society. To facilitate this goal, BIS offers a range of unique programs including:

Degree Programs

A full-time Master’s degree in Islamic Religious Leadership Classes will start in Fall 2020. Details will be provided at later time.

To view current Degree Programs offerings, please click here.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs that offer a variety of graduate and professional development certificates aimed at enhancing participants’ professional skills and preparing them for further academic and practical training.

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Fellowship Programs

Fellowship programs for college students and professionals wherein participants study normative Islamic teachings and connect them to their lived social and professional realities under the mentorship of BIS faculty.

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Research And Publications

Multiple forums for presenting research and publications in order to make relevant and applicable expert knowledge available to broader academic, religious, and clinical audiences through conferences, symposia, and a peer-reviewed journal.

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Community Outreach Programs

Community outreach programs consisting of lectures and workshops geared to the general public as well as specially tailored programs for Islamic organizations and other institutions.

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BIS Catalogue

This Catalog is an announcement of the Seminary program for the 2019-2020 academic year. While every effort is made to ensure that the information contained in this Catalog is correct at the time of publication, Boston Islamic Seminary reserves the right to make changes in the courses of instruction and in any other information contained herein.

For further information on Boston Islamic Seminary’s programs,
contact the admissions office at (617) 858-1508, or e-mail

For further information about Boston Islamic Seminary’s student services and the surrounding community, please see the Boston Islamic Seminary  Student Handbook.