The Boston Islamic Seminary is an academic institution that aims to train religious leaders who will serve the American Muslim community and to enhance the understanding of Islam in the contemporary context among people of all backgrounds.


The educational philosophy of the Boston Islamic Seminary rests on the integrated development of three primary facets:

1) Knowledge of Islamic texts and sciences; Assure that students have a strong grasp of normative Islamic teachings.

2) Knowledge of contemporary context; and Provide students with a solid knowledge of the contemporary context in which they will be active.

3) Practical application.



BIS has a solutionBoston Islamic Seminary (BIS) began as an idea in 2008 among several active volunteers in the Boston Muslim community and has since grown into a degree-granting institution.

The BIS founders recognized that the American Muslim community was at a defining moment in determining its future outlook and place in American culture. Though we had seen growth in population and institutional development, there remained difficult and perplexing moral, intellectual, socioeconomic, and civic challenges that impede a more fruitful and God-conscious lived reality for Muslims in America. BIS was established to address the gap in qualified American Muslim religious leaders.

Established as a legal entity in 2015, the Seminary operated for the first several years under the auspices of Muslim American Society (MAS) Boston, relying on MAS Boston and the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center for significant operational support during our startup phase.

Our first academic program, Continuing Education, was launched in the fall of 2016. Serving adult learners of all academic, spiritual and religious backgrounds, Continuing Education offered night and weekend options  structured as college- or graduate-level courses. Students gained access to rigorous academic curriculum not only in the Islamic sciences, but also in topics of particular importance to the American-Muslim community. We expanded our offerings and reach during our first two years of Continuing Education by holding classes online and in multiple venues.

In the summer of 2018, BIS became independent of MAS and in December 2020, BIS’s full-time Master of Islamic Religious Leadership (MIRL) program was unanimously approved by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education. BIS is the first Islamic Seminary in the United States to receive the authority to award this degree. The inaugural MIRL cohort commenced their studies in September 2021, and BIS looks forward to admitting subsequent cohorts as we grow this flagship program. Read more about the our journey here.