MIRL Admissions Closing Aug 15

Muslim families in America today face multidisciplinary challenges and pressures. For Muslims to embrace our religious identity fully, merely speeches are not enough.

We require effective leadership at the local and communal levels. A leadership deeply grounded in the Islamic tradition – to draw upon a wealth of training, not only theoretically but to apply what they learn to the daily struggles of the American Muslims. And only a minority of American Muslim leaders are trained in a formal capacity directed toward the role.

BIS embraces this challenge of preparing the next generation of American Muslim religious leadership with our flagship program: The Masters of Islamic Religious Leadership (MIRL) helps prepare frontline leaders for the needs and demands of the American Muslim community. Such leaders could serve as “vehicles of bringing Islam alive in the hearts.

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I had previously emailed you to inform you that we were accepting applications for the 2nd MIRL cohort (who start their studies in Fall 2022).

Thank you to those of you who responded. This email is to inform you that we do still have some open spots, so if you are interested but have not yet submitted your application, then please do so ASAP, and no later than August 15th, 2022.

Thank you.

Dr. Suheil Laher
Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies and Sciences